Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Logos from Hayan

Here some logos that we created in recents years. Hope you like them.
1.Medicina General,Medical Consultation. 2. Nortiko,Ice-Cream with liquor. 3. Logos Comunicación, G. Design Consultation. 4. Impoauto, Car Imports. 5.CD Repair, Reparation of Cd’s. 6. La Prensa San Diego, San Diego Newspaper.

7. ABC, Bilingual Interactive. 8. Project Source, San Diego Project. 9. Zonaduo, Bilingual Education. 10. Café Café Olé, San Diego Coffee Shop. 11. Pacific Base, San Diego Project. 12. Guisarte, Industrial Kitchen.

13. Cafetera, Coffee Shop. 14. Chamaqueando, TV Program in México. 15. Logos Wedding, Wedding Icon. 16. Auto Repair, Auto Shop. 17. Las Chicas Emo, Comic Emo. 18. Hayan Design, Graphic Design Studio.


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